• What am I working on lately? Lately I've been integrating a "headless CMS" called GraphCMS with NextJS; all of which is hosted on Vercel. The workflow is satisfying primarily because Vercel makes hosting so easy. I played around with AgilityCMS for two days but found it too complex. After trying to figure it out for two days I gave up and tried graphcms. Within 1 hour I felt comfortable with it!  

  • This week I completely redesigned my portfolio page from scratch Next.js.

    I had read about Next.js a few times but this is the first time I came into direct contact with it. The thing I love about is: 

    • really easy workflow: push project to github from my local machine
    • Vercel automatically updates based on the recent push (of course after connecting my Github account to Vercel first...)
    • I can point my domain to the Vercel project for free!

    I am grateful for this workflow and how everything works fine without an overwhelming dashboard or learning curve!

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  • Local Web Design News

    It looks like the rain will continue throughout the night. Just a thought on the weather here on the East Side of Big Island. It rains often; in the winter rainbows are prominent. Hawaiians have specific words for different colored and shaped rainbows.