A solo startup is not a thing to fear.

After careful consideration, you may decide to register your own business. Or perhaps after serving in the field for quite some time you find yourself as the head of what has become a profitable business. Or you may find yourself at such an increasingly high demand for your services that you decide there's a large enough audience and demand that you allow the company to grow. The founder of Screencastonline is such as example. Don McAllister was giving tutorials to his friends and family and eventually it grew. The same story goes for the founder of Kahn Academy, Salman Khan. These inspirational stories confirm the sentiment "To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to forge a very specific path appropriate to your business and no one else’s."

Yet the question remains, "Is a solo startup right for me?"

One thing is unavoidable for nearly every solo startup, it will be lonely (most of the time). 

With high aspirations we enter the arena! However, it's important not to lose hope, momentum, and positive goals. The best way to maintain a positive endeavor is to associate with local groups of professionals. I have personally found a comfortable place at Freecodecamp. The weekly newsletter, presented in simple email format as a list of 5 suggested resources (articles, videos, tutorials, etc...) is very inspiring. Last weeks newsletter had the most inspiring article I've ever read because it pertained to my life situation exactly. This article was written by a overseas English a second language teacher who, after over a decade of teaching, changed his career and in a span of 10 months got a job as a developer. These are the kind of stories that encourage us to reach for our goal. 

My suggested list of groups may be different from yours, but I have found a lot of support in the following: 

  • The Free Code Camp forum and my local chapter (Well respected place to learn code.)
  • Weaver's space (Offshoot forum for users of Rapidweaver [a Mac app]. A niche group indeed.) 
  • Udemy (It's helpful to watch tutorials sometimes.)

Fortunately, there are plenty of supportive resources for solo startups, ventures, and entrepreneurs. The main issue that arises for most is the source of startup capital. The ideas are huge in the beginning but the funds are small. Without a doubt we are all standing on the shoulders of giants. Each and every invention or new revelation has a foundation on a previous thought process and realization. Solo startups are no different. A balance between following the best practices of those before us as well as forging our own paths will lead us toward unexpected success.

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