Ekadasi App available on iOS® and Android®

Ekadasi mobile application was developed for an international non-profit as part of my pro bono portfolio and first released for Android® and iOS® in June of 2020.

Features of the mobile App

  1. Pure Bhakti Calendar integration: Many users want to have the option of localized time zones for Ekadasi using the Pure Bhakti Calendar. With the Ekadasi App you can have the same Pure Bhakti Calendar on your mobile device. Here's how:

    • Download the app for iOS® or Android®
    • tap "Resources" at the bottom of the app
    • tap "Pure Bhakti Calendar"
    • tap your time zone
    • Next time you check the app under "Resources > Pure Bhakti Calendar" you will see your selected time zone.
  2. Ekadasi screen displays the date of the Next Ekadasi (based on Vrndavana time zone).

  3. All screen displays a list of remaining Ekadasi dates for this year.

Upcoming features:

  1. Add notifications day before Ekadasi
  2. Add text about the current Ekadasi on Ekadasi day.

Issues & Feature requests

  1. Please submit issues and feature requests here.
  2. This application was built using React Native; it is open source. Contributions are welcome.